Beauty con Cultura

Vive Cosmetics is a cosmetics brand created by Latinas for Latinas and all Latinx*. Vive Cosmetics unites our love for all things beauty and pride for our heritage and culture in one place. Vive life to the fullest and be unapologetically yourself- equipped with great lipstick and an unending cultural pride.

Who We Are

Identity is complex and intimate. For many, identifying as Latina, Latinx, Latin@, Xicana (or none of the above) means something different. For us, identifying as Latinx means we connect to our indigenous roots while recognizing the cultural influences from around the world that make the Latinx cultures uniquely amazing. We carry on the traditions of our parents and our ancestors in the hopes of creating a better tomorrow. We believe that the very differences found in the Latinx identity should be celebrated and honored. Vive Cosmetics was created to help empower women and all people, because makeup should be about celebrating your full self, including your ethnicity and your culture.

Why We Do It

We at Vive Cosmetics realized that beauty companies don't care about us as the Latinx community. We don't see models that look like us or sound like us. We see tone-deaf campaigns that are meant to be inspired by us and by our people, but that are essentially problematic in their delivery. We see important people in the industry reject us and our different skin tones and offer no apology or remorse. Vive Cosmetics was created as a way of recognizing our importance in a world that would rather deny our identities than embrace us. We do not need companies to cater or pander to us. We need companies that celebrate and honor our different stories, skin tones, languages and origins. Vive Cosmetics is about doing just that.


*Latinx is a relatively new term. In short, Latinx is a gender-inclusive way of referring to people of Latin-American descent. Because not everyone identifies as male or female, we believe the “x” is important in dismantling the gender binary through language.