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Community Sponsorships and Investments

Big brands and companies need to be held responsible to supporting the communities they merely care to profit from. And we're taking a stand.

Beyond bringing diverse and authentic Latina/x representation in beauty, it's our purpose to uplift our communities economically and socially in whatever way we can. We fundamentally build in supporting and standing behind the communities that support our brand. 

We do this by donating portions of our revenue to various organizations, people and causes in the United States and Latin America, that provide help and resources to the Latinx communities and Black, Indigenous, and communities of color. 

When you spend your hard-earned money on our products, we're committed to redirecting and investing back in our community. 

Event Sponsorships

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The Transgender Resource Center of New Mexico
TGRCNM provides support, community, and connection to transgender, gender nonconforming, non-binary, and gender variant people and their families through advocacy, education, and direct services including but not limited to legal aid, community workshops, support groups, a drop in center, harm reduction services, food distribution, and health clinics.

Transgender individuals who received funds to help with gender-affirming surgery:
Jessie Melina Garcia Gutierrez
Joanna Cifren
Vibbianno Gonzalez

Prospera is a non-profit 501 c(3) in Oakland, CA that partners with low-income Latina immigrants to build co-ops—collectively owned, local businesses. We offer candidates an exciting opportunity to bring their talents, leadership, and creativity to a unique effort advancing social justice, women’s empowerment, and community transformation. For more information, we invite you to browse our website.

Nalgona Positivity Pride
Nalgona Positivity Pride is a Xicana-Brown*-Indigenous project that focuses on intersectional body positivity, eating disorders awareness and cultural affirmation. NPP started in 2014 by Gloria in Southern California with the goal of connecting the relationship historical trauma, social oppression, and eating disorders have.

Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Collective
The Inland Empire Immigrant Youth Collective is an undocumented youth-led grassroots organization in the Inland Empire. We are committed to creating a safe space for immigrant youth regardless of legal status, sexuality or other intersections that are crucial to the undocumented identity. We aim to achieve equal access to higher education and justice for our immigrant community by empowering those who are most affected.

Lucha Latina
The mission of Lucha Latina, Inc. is to empower young Latinas across the United States from all walks of life, regardless of income levels and socio-economic backgrounds in order to help them achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals. Lucha Latina Inc. aims to serve as a resource by providing financial aid, mentorship/guidance, networking opportunities, and potential career placements.



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