For Our Comunidad

Para Todxs- Vive Cosmetics Community Donation

At Vive Cosmetics, we are committed to supporting our many varied communities. We will be contributing .25 cents from every lipstick you buy to organizations in the United States, Central, and South America, that provide help and resources to the Latinx community and communities of color, especially organizations that support womxn and girls. We will be naming this effort "Para Todxs- ViveCosmeticss Community Donation".

We live in a country where our appointed leaders are neglecting and openly targeting many minority communities. By supporting local and nonprofit organizations here in the US, we hope to work against the rising tide of xenophobia, racism, and sexism in this country.

Thanks to you, we will be donating to three organizations in California and the United States that are working tirelessly to serve our Latinx community. We have some great organizations in mind, but we would love to hear about the great places that YOU care about. If you know of an organization that deserves our contributions, please fill out our Google Form. We will be choosing three organizations to distribute the funds this month!



Organizations and events we have supported throughout the year:

 - Young Latinas Aspire


- Breaking the Chains