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We are in the middle of all the chisme...

"Two Latinas are taking matters into their hand in the beauty world. From the lack of foundation selections to advertisers misrepresenting what Latinas “look” like, Joanna Rosario and Leslie Valdivia created Vive Cosmetics."

"Rather than wait for brands to correct this blatant representation issue, Joanna Rosario and Leslie Valdivia took matters into their own hands. Together they founded Vive Cosmetics, a line of cosmetics created by Latinas for Latinas."

"With the desire to create a makeup line by Latinas for the Latinx community, Joanna Rosario and Leslie Valdivia founded Vive Cosmetics."

" If more brands hired Latina models, perhaps we wouldn’t have this kind of issue, but the fact is they don’t and Vive Cosmetics is doing something about it."

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