The New Era of Vive Cosmetics

The New Era of Vive Cosmetics

When we launched Vive five years ago, we knew we wanted to create a brand so different than the usual products we saw at the store. We looked around at the plain, black, white and neutral packaging and decided we want to be the complete opposite.

We wanted our products and branding to reflect the beautiful, vivid and colorful people, cultures and folklore of homelands and heritage.  Our goal has always been to make products and create packaging that stood out when you walked down the beauty aisle. To create an experience through color that says this was made just for you because our brand is a celebration of you, all of you. And that means a brand full of color, full of LIFE.

At Vive, we amplify everything you already bring to the table: ambition, joy, and a desire for a vibrant, meaningful life. Which is the reason why our brand name is Vive, which means to LIVE. We’re here on your journey to embrace the fullness of you and your beauty. 

We're so excited to be able to continue to evolve and reimagine our future and the first step to do that was  by updating our brand feel and look. 

Over the next several months and into the new year, you will be seeing many changes to our products, packaging and even formulas. Trust us when we say we're LEVELING THE F UP! This is a slow process as a self-funded indie company with limited resources, so these changes will take some time. This an important transitional time for us and we thank you for your understanding! 

We hope you love this new look as much as we loved the process of developing it with our all Latina designer team. Check out our mood board, new patterns and NEW LOGO below. 



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