We are a culture-conscious beauty brand that exists to celebrate you, todo de ti. We are proud Latinas who are working to make beauty accessible for all. We believe that what makes us different is what makes us beautiful, and each face tells a story beyond just what the eye can see. 

When we came on the scene back in 2016, the beauty landscape looked very different from what it does today. Conversations about diversity in beauty just weren’t happening. We were one of the first brands to notice there was a major problem: Even though our community has contributed so much to the beauty world and has helped shape mainstream trends, we’ve long been ignored by the industry at large. 

The math wasn’t adding up, either. Latinas continue to outspend all other groups across every beauty industry category. And you know what that means: We have unparalleled economic power. Yet time and time again, the big beauty brands haven’t figured out how to make and market products for us. They produced unoriginal campaigns that tokenized our community and relied on stereotypes. We got tired of it. So that’s why we decided to step up and become the very role models that we were seeking. 

Our founders, Leslie and Joanna, created Vive Cosmetics to recognize the importance of not just Latinas, but of everyone who’s ever felt undervalued. We’re on a mission to make sure you always remember your worth. No matter what an outsider’s narrative has to say about you, the only story that matters is the one you’re in charge of telling. 

At Vive, we amplify everything you already bring to the table: ambition, joy, and a desire for a vibrant, meaningful life (the reason why our brand name is Vive, which means to LIVE). We’re here on your journey to embrace the fullness of your beauty.