Other Inquiries

Why does my lipstick look a different than online?

Computer screens, camera settings, lighting and skin tones can change the colors and therefore may look different for each person.

Is there a scent to the liquid lipsticks?

Our matte liquid lipsticks are not scented. Our creamy mattes have a faint vanilla scent. Our highlighter duo is not scented.

Where are your products made?

All of our lipsticks are made in the USA. 

Are your products cruelty-free?

YES, all our products are PETA-certified. We love our animalitos. If you would like more information on our certifications on being cruelty-free, please email us hola@vivecosmetics.com. 

Are your products vegan?

All of our lipsticks are vegan. 


 Are your products gluten-free and dairy-free?

Yes, all products do not attend gluten or dairy.


Do you offer samples?

At the moment we do not offer free samples. We are a small business and have limited inventory. 


Do you work with influencers?

We do work with influencers for our new product launches. If you are an influencer and are interested in being added to our PR list for our next launch, please fill out this google form here. 

As much as we would love to offer partnerships to all that are interested, we are a small business and our promotional inventory and efforts are limited. We will reach out to you are a right fit for our brand. 


Do you sponsor events?

At Vive Cosmetics, we pride ourselves with our community involvement and investment. At the moment, we only offer sponsorship opportunities for Latinx and women of color causes and events. Request for any type of sponsorships must be submitted 60 days in advance or event. If your event meets these requirements,  email us at PR@vivecosmetics.com to discuss possible sponsorships. 


Do you offer wholesale?

Our inventory is VERY limited but if we feel the retail outlet is a right fit with our brand, we will offer wholesale. If you are interested in wholesaling with us, email us at hola@vivecosmetics.com.