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Oh my gatossss, it's mid-summer and we're just sizzlin' in this heat. Take it slow, physically and mentally, if you can. We hope you stay cool, calm and collected during these HOT summer months!

Here is your August 2023 tarotscope and your personalized product recommendations. Read your sun and rising sign if you know it too!

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Hola Aries! August is bringing you every opportunity to go within yourself. The problem is, you want to do everything except sit still. The North Node, our Destiny Star has switched into your sign. This month, you'll get a taste as to what the next 1.5 years hold for you. For now, it looks like seriously re-evaluating what you want in life. August is a month where you'll feel forced to be alone. Expect delays that are beyond your control and expect to face some challenges within your relationships. It's really hard to connect with someone when you've forgotten how to connect with yourself. Ultimately, this period of aloneness will make you more self-aware and empowered than ever. Pa' lante, Aries!
Breathe it in, Taurus! August may just be so good to you that you won't even believe it. Seriously. You're primed for new opportunities, especially if you're looking to make more money or to receive a promotion. Career and financial wise, things seem to be going your way without much effort. That's because you graduated being the main character for the last few years. The Nodes of Destiny have left your sign and Scorpio, leaving you two alone and releasing the pressure. Now it's time to reap the rewards of all those adjustments you made. It's up to Aries and Libra to carry us forward now. Expect the roads to open up with ease for you. The only catch is that you might hang on too tight to the past and not spring forward into new chapters for fear that the next chapter will be just as hard as the last. It's ok to relax and breathe now, Taurus. You did a good job! Enjoy your new path of alignment and let inspiration be your guide! 
You're BUSY, Gemini! Everyone wants a piece of you in August and you know what? The placements of Leo in the sky are really working for you. Expect to step out into the sun through travel, creative projects taking off and possible expansion on social media. You've got everything in you to go viral and be the popular one! So much so, that you may have a difficult time balancing your home and work life. You may miss some appointments or have to bail on someone. Remember not to force something if you don't have energy or inspiration for it. Manage your home and your career from a place of groundedness and not panic/excitement. One step at a time and you're golden, Gemini!
All work and no play, Cancer! Except for you, August is bringing in all the rewards for your past efforts. August is a month where you'll be feeling like everything you've been through is starting to make sense and is therefore, worth it. Financially, you'll be going from kind-of-stable to genuinely having more than you thought you would. The full moon this month will be important and revealing. Mainly, it's bringing your focus to becoming a leader in your community and allowing your intuitive gifts to shine. Cancer, you're a superstar and you know more than you let on. The Leo energies in the skies are encouraging you to allow yourself to ENJOY your life, not just survive it.
Happy Birthday, Leo!! This year, you're beginning a new path in which you oscillate between feeling completely in control and feeling a total sense of surrender. This month will teach you all about your power to manifest and create the best life for yourself. The issue here is that doing that requires being led by faith and you aren't too keen about relying on anything other than your will. A lack of financial discipline may add to your anxiety this month. Even without money, you'll learn that things easily come to you in other ways. The lesson for you is simple but not easy: You can have the best possible outcome even if you are not 100% in control all the time. Your willpower isn't your only resource. There are beautiful energies on your side ready to serve you if you let them. Strike the balance between surrender and will. Where you feel too uncertain, demonstrate some willpower. Where you feel too frustrated, try letting go.
You're shining, Virgo! This month, it's epiphany after epiphany! You're learning to be comfortable in your own skin and taking total ownership of your life story. No more shame or blame! August is teaching you that embracing being the main character also means embracing the weight of carrying the story forward. You're realizing that you were never a victim. You were never powerless. You were just convinced that someone or something was holding you back. August is inspiring you with sudden breakthroughs and realizations that help you see that you are the Supreme authority in your life. You'll feel fully fledged in your new form by the end of the month. It's Boss Mode for you from now on, Virgo!
Learn to love Karma, Libra! You're feeling free, fun and flirty all of August. Experimenting with various changes of appearance and styles of dress will help you explore your creativity this month. You're quite popular and you'll be invited to important social and work events. In the midst of all this, your personal life is going through it. The Nodes of Destiny have deemed you the main character and your task for the next 1.5 years is to release one way of loving and invent a new one for humanity. You're shedding toxic, outdated and disadvantageous relationships (or relationship patterns) and making space for real adventure in your life. Some of you may accidentally come across a soulmate that makes life feel a bit too...real. Others are traveling the world to discover their true identity. Either way, buckle up for one emotional ride Libra!
Maintain your Zen, Scorpio! With the North Node in Aries now, it seems like everybody wants to pick a fight with you. Everyone you've ever power played is coming back for a rematch. Only this time, you don't see the value in it anymore. August is helping you tap in to the nobility and charisma of Leo. Instead of winning just to win, you're suddenly inspired to really fight for a cause. Your attitude and internal landscape is changing. You're no longer reacting to external stimulus. You're embracing silence and careful observation. You're placing bets on yourself and on the direction that you think life is going in. Don't feed into the drama when it comes knocking. You've moved on and it shows. You're only interested in becoming someone that you're genuinely proud to be.
Don't look so confused, Sagittarius! August is going to feel like hitting a wall over and over again. For some reason, you just can't push through to your next level. You may feel like you're getting left behind by everyone else. Remember, you can't wish for things to stay the same and desire different results at the same time. You may come across a harsh realization regarding your career, financial and scholarly goals. A realization that you would rather not see. Maybe some of the consequences of your actions ARE justified. Maybe you really ARE the villain in your own story! August will help you heal and repair what has been damaged. You'll learn to move forward and take risks in the name of progress. Don't be afraid! You got this!
It's a toss up, Capricorn! August for you is all about taking life like a champ. Your relationships could prove tumultuous and getting along with others seems more difficult than usual. Creatively, you're inspired and thriving with ideas. However, compromise is hard to come by. You could also feel unappreciated for your efforts by your partner. Venus is retrograding so relationships in general are up for review. You get to decide this month whether this way of loving and being loved is still what you want. Dont be afraid to let go for better things. And don't be afraid to take a risk for love. August is all about maintaining your chill and making decisions as calmly as you can. You don't have to meet combativeness with combativeness. 
Let it all hang out, Aquarius! You're feeling the need to get your life together. Especially when it comes to figuring out what your great contribution to society will be. You're ready to reach new levels of stability both financially and mentally. Best of all, you have all the willpower to make it happen. You may be surprised to find out that the key to your success isn't in expanding your mind, but expressing it. You don't have to become more intelligent to succeed. The key to your forward movement is in how willing you are to be creative and expressive. Luckily for you, Leo rules that domain and while both the Sun and Venus are in the sign of Leo, you'll be blessed with a lighthearted and fun approach to life. This playful energy helps you realize your biggest breakthroughs yet!
Let it out, Pisces! Frustrations in the workplace or with creative projects may challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone this month. Your inner child is threatening to explode in a tantrum if you don't make room for your authentic self to just be. Suppressed emotions may be triggered due to feeling trapped in a work or school situation that you're just now realizing isn't what you want to do. Overall, August is a great month for you to make friends with your anger. Anger can take you places that someone with weak will can't go. You'll realize that your dreams don't seem that unattainable when you ferociously insist on them coming true.